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Studio Ghibli + Food

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This is the official ‘i care’ symbol. This is how it works:

Basically you reblog this, and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at their message.


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Honeydukes in Hogsmeade at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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"Wha-….. hey D: I didn’t get to do my finishing move!”

Run away little heartless!  Possibly a little counter productive for Kairi though…

GIFs and a few screencaps.  Based on a fanart I did a few weeks back (that’s based on this bit of official business).  There were a lot of details to follow in this costume, oy…

I put an uncut GIF on DA and, again, video on YouTube

A lapse in sanity may have led me to animate this…

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Underwater Knee-High Girls plus

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My skyrim OCs
Wilkins the nord my oldest oc character. (helped rasied Pris and Venna)
Pris the wood elf (with her adopted girls Sophie and Luca)
Venna the orc ( also called as auntie Venna only by the girls)

Pris brought the girls to see their grandpapi and while they are there Venna comes to visit too and talks about how she got arrested beating up some gaurds…..again. As she breads Luca’s hair into dreaths like her auntie.



kid equius 

what a weird kid

my heart

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The Vale of Tears Ω Hatter’s Domain

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> Karkat: Wallow in the disgusting miracle of life. 

I never could get to sleep, so I decided to finish this panel redraw (sorta?). Equius is the best part of this picture. 

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